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My life before is not easy, it is challenging and growing up in a broken family makes my life more complicated. It was not a comfortable life, but I have to work hard so that I can change our lifestyle. I also pity my parents because they are still old to work and raise us their children. And that is the result of have not finished college when you have no stable job and remain with a more harder work with a low wage. They have no steady job, and it means that sometimes, we fall asleep starving and it’s not east at all. I have cried a lot every night that my stomach is aching. Perhaps, that is why my inspiration to study hard and make a way I can go to school. Every difficulty I have been through is my motivation. I have to move to make my life better. If I have to make anything to change my life and remain like this could be my fault. In life, we have many chances to make our lives better, and we have to make moves to make our life wishes and dreams come true. There are no easy things in this world; everyone undergoes pressures, sacrifices, etc. If there are times we feel weak and giving up, we have to remain focus on our aims in life.


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